One-time Adventures: Some things you might only do once – part 1

There are some things you only do once.

This includes getting ears pierced, going through high school, or even learning to ride a bike. Then there are the adventure travel activities that are now widely hailed by the You Only Live Once (YOLO) crowd and which are popular choices for one-time dares.

I actually have an acute fear of heights but I thought that trying a few of those activities would help me conquer it. So here are some one-time adventures that I’ve recently tried in the Philippines in that attempt:

1. Skywalk in Crown Regency hotel in Cebu

A  late night impromptu trip with an office mate to try this rooftop terror at the Cebu Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu is actually one of my favorite ‘insomnia dares’ to look back on.

After getting all trussed up in safety gear we had to walk on a steel and glass platform that went around the entire rooftop of the tallest building in Cebu(40 stories above ground!). Given that the plaftform has clear glass means one can see all the way down to the ground hundreds of feet below while walking — a view of death! Enough to paralyze me several times during the walk.

The concluding activity was to make the participants pose with a foot or both feet dangling over the edge…more moments of pure terror!

But once it all subsided and I was back on solid ground I laugh about it a lot. It was really exciting after all!

Attempting to dangle a foot above the edge

2. Fly in an ultralight plane in wildly windy weather

The ultralight plane is a small, cute plane. It looks like an RC toy, seats just 2 people (you and the pilot), and has just a small propeller to make it fly.

The one I rode at the Angeles Flying Club in Clark wasn’t so cute though after 5 minutes in the air when winds started blowing against it.  The ride was bumpy and shaky, the pilot couldn’t hear a word I was saying, and I couldn’t hold my phone properly to take pictures (I was scared I would drop it down the side).   I really thought the plane would start spinning in the wind and crash at some point.

But, regardless, you do get a breathtaking aerial view of Mt. Apo, Mt. Arayat, Hacienda Luisita and Subic in the process.

In "co-pilot" mode in the ultralight plane
In “co-pilot” mode in the ultralight plane


3. Paragliding

We see it all the time in the hot air balloon festival when paratroopers jump from planes and parachute to the ground after some fancy maneuvering in the air. But regular people like me?? Yes, I was finally able to do it!

After a bit of 4×4 action on rough and muddy trails up a hill in Carmona, Cavite (only a 4×4 vehicle can make it up to the site), I was finally able to get a parachute attached and get lifted by the wind off the hilltop to experience tandem paragliding! It was only 15 minutes long but the experience was exhilarating and definitely worth doing!

paragliding fb2

I most likely wouldn’t do any of these things again, but I encourage everyone to try them at least once. Doing something that scares you can be good for you sometimes, right?

As for my fear of heights – don’t think that will disappear but I had fun trying to conquer it anyway.

Here’s to more one-time adventures!


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