What girl in her right mind goes to a wedding on a motorcycle?


Well that silly girl would be me! With one of my best friends, too! A recent trip to Davao City with one of my best buds Anna proved to be quite an adventure. With the objective of attending a friend’s wedding, we decided to take a boat from Davao and stay at Pearl Farm resort on Samal Island since the wedding venue (a different resort) was on the same island. At that time, we thought it would be simple to just traipse across the island to the wedding venue.


But, alas, no! We discovered it was almost impossible to get to the other side of the island in comfort. The Pearl Farm staff told us we would need a boat ride from Samal Island back to Davao City to catch a boat that would take us to the other side of Samal Island, and there were limited trip times, too, for returning!


Despite our requests to “find a way”, the hotel staff would not budge on that recommendation, all except Mang Boy. The “lifesaver” Mang Boy from Pearl Farm heard about our predicament and pro-actively found a motorcycle that would take us across the rough roads of Samal Island to the other side where the target resort was located. He even personally made sure the motorcycle driver was someone trustworthy and was there to see us off.


Of course, after our initial elation at solving Mission Impossible, we were faced with the hilarious reality of riding a motorcycle (2 girls with 1 motorcycle driver) on extremely rough, unpaved roads going up and down the mountainous island – at night! Mang Boy did not say how extreme this “offroading” experience would be!


We made it to the wedding just in time for dinner reception, and no one noticed 2 raggedy girls do a 5-minute costume change in the bathroom and emerge as a regular glam wedding guests. Right before midnight, we pulled another Houdini act to make it back to Pearl Farm in the same way right before midnight.


A little scary? Yes! But I have to say, it was the best way to see and experience the island – in a way no tourist has! We saw how people beyond the resort walls lived in quiet and simple tradition, with a genuine smile for everyone who came by, and with concern and trust for their neighbors. These misadventures do make trips like this more interesting….



Despite the setbacks with this resort, Pearl Farm was fantastic, with great food, a breathtaking infinity pool and a gorgeous beach. The Samal House we stayed in was great, too, right next to the water where we could gawk at the sunrise, the black prickly sea urchins and the very lively fish that did not fear humans (just throw a little bread their way and you’ll have a swarm of fish around you in no time).


So what’s the lesson from all this? Over a cup of coffee upon returning from the wedding, Anna and I both agreed on one thing: Do your research before going on that trip, but be open to adventures along the way! Oh, and the wedding was great J

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