What’s a fun thing to do when in Manila? Tour a walled war fortress on an electric chariot!

The e-chariot, which I only see used by policemen and by a few select people in high-end events, is now the vehicle of choice when touring Intramuros, the famous walled city in Manila where many battles took place hundreds of years ago.

I really enjoyed the experience of riding an e-chariot, and so did my teenage son. We did the tour together with a Chinese tourist family. Of course, I think I was at an advantage since I already knew the history of Intramuros. However, I am not sure if the Chinese family was able to follow the broken English of our tourist guide. Still, it was enjoyable, as our tourist guides, being the happy-go-lucky Filipinos that they are, sang songs, cracked corny jokes and got the tourists to laugh out loud with them. The family probably did not know that due to their slow pace we did not get to see much of the walled city. But everyone had fun, which is the most important thing!

The entire session started out with practicing on the e-chariot at the hotel before setting off to see nearby spots like the old Ateneo, the Cathedral, historic office buildings and finally a quick walkabout on the top of one wall overlooking the golf course.

The e-chariot tours is done by the White Knight Hotel folks in Intramuros, and I would recommend everyone to try it.


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