Bag from Marks & Spencer
Bag from Marks & Spencer

I had written some years ago about looking for the perfect travel bag (not luggage – the small everyday bag that I travel with) in my previous post about 2 years ago (link:

I have since tortured that bag I wrote about, had 2 more bags similar to it but wrecked those, and  now bought a new one which I think will probably not last very long.

So the search continues.

The criteria for the perfect handy travel bag has been modified slightly. The bag should be something I can carry around everyday no matter where I go and be able to do the following:

1). Have placeholders for different kinds of makeup
2). Have enough pockets to carry 2 currencies (bills and coins)
3). Carry 2 cellphones (1 office phone, 1 personal phone) and now a wi-fi device and have convenient placeholders so that I don’t have to rummage in my bag for them when the phones ring
4). Carry my passport and IDs without getting them mixed up with my makeup
5). Carry my ATMs, credit cards and driver’s license
6). Carry 1 vial of perfume and 2 bottles of nail polish
7). Must be compact enough to fit into a regular office bag like a kikay kit but can be pulled out and used on its own
8). Must look good with any travel outfit (day and night)
9). Must be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of my job– must last up to 2 years
10). Better if it can also carry my shades
11). Carry a small notebook and pen
Bag has 3 pockets in front and 1 at each side
Bag has 3 pockets in front and 1 at each side

I have yet to find it. In the meantime I am enjoying my latest bag from Marks & Spencer which is a little bigger than I originally intended as I do intend to fit in a small tablet device soon. My current bag has 3 nice pockets in front and 2 more pockets on the sides, so it has worked well so far. I just needed to buy an inner bag organizer to help divide the makeup from the documents.  Although I can already see the stitching of the bag getting challenged since I bought it a week ago, I still want to see what this bag can do.

Here’s the to the search!

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