Weekend at Baler

Just about everyone I know has been raving about Baler – said to be the birthplace of surfing in the country. Curious about all the fuss, I decided on a whim to take an overnight bus ride to Quezon.

I  initially thought Baler was just very near like Tagaytay. Then I found the trip was in reality about 5-6 hours by bus from Manila. Lesson learned.

Baler is a small, sleepy town. Simple homes line the street. Mostly tricycles occupy the road.

Yet even with just a weekend to explore there are several interesting things worth discovering there.

Photo op at Baler monument

The marker was built in 2011 to celebrate 400 years of Baler’s township.




A look at the enormous Balete tree

Look at the size of that tree!


Diguisit rock formations



From the rock formations one can see a lighthouse in the distance

Museo de Baler


A corner of the museum is dedicated to the Baler movie that starred Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis. The corner has costumes and props from the film.
A portrait of former President Manuel Quezon in the museum.


House of President Quezon and Aurora Quezon

The house of Aurora Quezon, the mother of President Quezon.
The dining table where many important people had dined with the President and his mother.


A framed photo of President Quezon when he signed off on the rights of women in the country (it is said his mother had influenced him on this).

Surfing at Sabang Beach

Sabang beach
jawo surfing
Sabang is great for surfing!

There are still some other spots I missed seeing like the Baler hanging bridge, the

photographer favorite Ampere Beach, Lamao caves, the Ditumabo and Diguisit waterfalls and the Dicasalarin Cove, among others. I’ll make sure to visit those on my return!




  • Friday (midnight): overnight bus travel to Baler
  • Saturday: Arrival in Baler, short tour, surfing/ beach
  • Sunday: Surfing/ beach until return bus trip



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