Going on a food park spree in Manila

Food parks are all the rage in Manila now, with people flocking there as a breather from the usual mall-based fare. Most of these parks open after 5 pm and are great for hanging out or unwinding. I would recommend three such parks which I recently visited with family.

The Yard is a spacious 2-storey food park in Xavierville, Quezon City made from containers put on top of each other and painted in bright colors. It has quite a number of food establishments to choose from, with a bar for those who prefer alcoholic drinks. It also regularly features a live band that makes evening hangouts interesting.
Pros: Live band, food selection, parking
Cons: Far from where I live

1508586481293 (1)
Kyoto Shoyu Ramen (P180), Mini Spam Musubi (P180) and Ocean Avenue P180) with lemonade drinks in fishbowl-sized bowls

Gastro Park at Kapitolyo, Pasig is smaller, quieter, with all food establishments on just one floor, and a swing at the entrance. Compared to the Yard, it has a more limited but still interesting selection of food.
Pros: Cozy/ quieter than other food parks
Cons: Parking, limited food selection

I also enjoyed Buendia Food by the Court in Makati. Set beside a basketball court, the park has 2 floors, is breezy, and has as many establishments as the Yard. This is where I saw crocodile and ostrich sisig being offered alongside Thai, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Filipino, and original concept food.
Pros: Food selection, space, parking
Cons: Basketball court not open when I was there

Definitely worth trying them all!


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