I am usually very loyal to a brand once I start using it. But this was not the case when the travel bug bit.
For about a decade or so, I was an avid user of the Ponds beauty products line. From the facial cleanser to the beauty creams, I was a regular user. Then, just a few years ago, when I began frequently traveling locally and abroad as part of my job (and for personal fun), I discovered a few things about my Ponds products that bothered me.
I speak most particularly about the facial cleanser which comes in what I discovered to be a “spill-full” bottle. Every time I would pack it in my check-in luggage, by the time I got to my destination almost all the contents had spilled out in my toiletry kit or my clothes. It was like I was spending a certain amount but only using ¼ of what I paid for.
After putting up with this out of loyalty for about a year, I decided to use a different brand for travels and just keep the Ponds facial cleanser for home use. This is the time I started using the Nivea Sparkling White facial cleanser which I chose because of its very handy bottle with a no-spill cap.
After using this for a few months, and seeing it did the same job of cleansing anyway, I figured I did not need to spend on 2 products.
Now, 3 years later, I am an avid Nivea user. I am now discovering one by one the beauty creams, lotions and other lines of the brand and I like what I’m seeing. All because the travel bug bit.

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