No I’m not talking about luggage.
I’m talking about that small bag that goes with you everywhere during your trip, whether you’re trudging up a mountain or walking through a night market. For me, I don’t like to have to transfer my things from bag to bag for different travel activities, I want one bag that can do it all.
I’ve been called a “bag torturer” because of what I want a bag to be capable of, and I’ve worn out a lot of bags – inexpensive and otherwise- in the process.
That small bag I want needs to be small enough to carry around unobtrusively yet be able to do the ff:
1). Carry my makeup
2). Carry my money (bills and coins)
3). Carry 2 cellphones (1 office phone, 1 personal phone)
4). Carry my passport and IDs
5). Carry my ATMs, credit cards and driver’s license
6). Carry 1 vial of perfume and 2 bottles of nail polish
7). Must be compact enough to fit into a regular office bag like a kikay kit but can be pulled out and used on its own
8). Must look good with any travel outfit (day and night)
9). Must be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of events use (which is part of my job) – must last up to 2 years
10). Better if it can also carry my shades
Quite a tall order. But I do believe I have found it with this latest bag I bought from Mossimo. Almost everything I have listed fits in it, and it only cost around Php800.
The only thing it has not been able to do from this list is to match an elegant black evening dress on a night out when traveling.
So while I use this (and hope it doesn’t wear out as quickly as my previous items), my search for the perfect little travel bag continues…

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