Starting the new year with a 2-city tech experience

As part of completing the e-commerce bootcamp of, I went on a study trip of sorts with my classmates to Singapore and Malaysia. I’ve been to both countries several times before. They are right beside each other and makes perfect sense to visit both in one go.

The Chinese New Year environment
For this study trip, I had a great experience. In Singapore, I arrived on the first day of the Chinese New Year. While most establishments were closed for that holiday most other areas of Singapore were festive and all dressed up for the occasion.

The Bay area all dressed up for Chinese New Year.


Waiting Game before official business
I arrived ahead of everyone so I was able to roam about on my own for a bit.

One of my first stops was to visit the Thian Hock Temple for New Year blessings.

Then, since everything else in Chinatown was closed, I decided to re-discover Marina Sands. I went up to the Marina Sands Skypark (SGD23 per head) for a fantastic view of the city. I also discovered that the fastfood area of Marina Sands also has some affordable offerings (SGD10 for lunch).

Enjoying a grand view of the city at the Marina Skypark viewing deck.
Rediscovering Marina Sands. Interesting boat ride inside the mall.

I went on to re-discover Singapura Plaza at Orchard Road where I enjoyed dinner with my teammates and our hosts for the e-commerce summit to finally kick off official business.

The start of official business – dinner with our Summit hosts at Singapura Plaza along Orchard Road (photo credit: Edrian Bautista of BlogADia)

Discovering co-working spaces
Discovering the co-working scene in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur was very interesting. Co-working spaces (where employees of different small companies can work together in open spaces and consult with each other) seem to be all the rage now with start-ups and I can see why. I now plan to check the co-working spaces in Manila soon!

Impact Hub co-working space in Cuppage Road, Singapore
The Co (co-working space) and Bean Reserve coffeeshop within 1 compound at KL

Project presentations and industry exposure
In SG and KL, we had the chance to present our projects to various people in tech and learn more about the future of tech, too.

The team at the Impact Hub in Singapore with Marlon Dy (upper photo, 3rd from left) of Filtrepreneurs who shared how to set up a business in Singapore (photo credit: Jana de Vera).


All teams worked hard and presented their projects to the Filtrepreneurs members (photo credit: Ces Noblefranca).

Lawrence Hughes of Sixscape Communications shares that the future of the internet we see in movies is already here (photo credit: Mar Ibe)


Meeting Darren Beck of Terapinn (3rd from right) at Spinelli Cafe in Singapore. He is organizing the Seamless convention in Manila this September 2017 (photo credit: Windee Tan)
In KL, we presented to a mixed group of e-commerce enthusiasts and learned from their diverse tech backgrounds (photo credit: Mar Ibe)
We also learned about security technologies for e-commerce from Ed Lawrence of Secure Metric Technology in KL.

Walk, walk, walk
After all the presentations and industry exposure meetings, the most fun part is always to explore. I’ve been to SG and KL several times since 2008. It’s always great to revisit my favorite spots and discover new ones through good, old-fashioned walking. It was a lot more fun this time with the #LostKids.

Walk with #LostKids in SG: Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, Mount Faber/ Sentosa, Victoria Street


KL with #LostKids: Petronas Towers, bazaar walks, Batu Caves, street food adventures, Central Market and Bukit Bintang nightlife (photo credit: Mar Ibe)

Summarizing my 8D/7N itinerary here:

Day 1 – Temple visit, Marina Sands Skypark, dinner at Singapura Plaza
Day 2 – Lunch at Orchard Central, presentation day and socials
Day 3 – Industry exposure meeting, walking with classmates
Day 4 – Lunch at Boat Quay, coffee and cake at Cat Café, meet Terapinn, cable car ride at Sentosa, take night bus to Kuala Lumpur

Day 5 – presentation day
Day 6 – Industry exposure meeting, Petronas Towers, drinks
Day 7 – Batu caves, shopping
Day 8 – shopping at Central Market, Airport

A great tech experience all in all!




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