Cat Love in Singapore

On a recent trip to SG I discovered a Cat Café right near my hostel while looking for a lunch place along the Boat Quay.

It just so happens that I love cats so it was but natural to take a look. Turned out that the place does not serve lunch (otherwise the resident cats would be all over your food) but only cakes, pastries and coffee.

After I had a quick lunch nearby I went back to the Café. At the outer room I paid about SG$15, was briefed about how to treat the cats so they don’t scratch or bite, bought a cake slice and coffee and went into the inner room to meet the cats.

The Café is cool/ airconditioned, spacious and quiet.



Cat portraits on the wall.


Baloo is the biggest of the cats.
Baloo all stretched out in the middle of the cafe.


Little Miss Muffet is fast asleep all throughout my visit. Together with Baloo, she was once a neglected cat in the back of a pet store.


Demi is an approachable cat. She was first found in a cat shelter and was once very bony.
Demi on her favorite chair


Mr. White is an all black cat who was abandoned as a kitten under a tree full of red ants. He was covered with ants when he was first found.




Luna was rescued from an industrial area and was all covered in oily soot when first seen. Luna likes hanging out on the counter top of the café.


Kai Kai is a ginger cat who was rescued from a flooded canal during a downpour in Bukit Timah.


Robbie is a dark gray cat who was found in a rubbish dump and is now the most frequent playmate of Kai Kai.

Though the food and coffee are not very memorable, I found the cats’ rescue stories really interesting.

I couldn’t stay long as I was already late for a meeting. However, I did enjoy sharing my coffee time with felines. I learned later that there are about 4 other cat cafes in Singapore so it looks like I have more cats to meet next time I go back to SG!

#catcafe #catlove #sg


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